Hedman Partners helped Estonian fintech-startup to the YCombinator accelerator

Hedman Partners law firm recently utilised their valuable know-how and skillset to help another Estonian startup success story to emerge, when fintech-startup Upgraded Technologies was accepted into one of the most prestigious business accelerators in the world, the YCombinator.

Hedman Partners advised Upgraded Technologies on how to enter the accelerator and assisted with a share swap, whereby the Estonian company became the subsidiary of a US-based enterprise.

Upgraded Technologies, helmed by JR Rahn and Hendrik Roosna and additional co-founder John Erik Metcalf, has created a platform for enabling brands and retailers to offer devices as a service.

Upgraded is the first Estonian fintech startup to enter one of Silicon Valley’s best known business accelerators, the YCombinator, but altogether already the second Estonian startup there, after Click&Grow’s successful tour of the accelerator in 2005.

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