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Comparative training on Estonian and Finnish labor law – what the company management needs to know?

  • What are the international and national sources of labour law?
  • What is the role and collective importance of trade unions?
  • What should be considered when posting employees to Finland or Estonia?
  • How does hiring foreign workers differ?

GDPR masterclass: the key to aligning your business with data protection regulations

  • How to assess whether your company’s data processing meets GDPR requirements?
  • Do your company’s software solutions and databases meet the technical and legal requirements of GDPR?
  • Do you have documentation of an impact assessment that complies with GDPR requirements?

Debt counseling and enforcement proceedings training

  • Did you know that employees’ stable financial situation reduces turnover, increases workforce productivity, and decreases conflicts?
  • Did you know that many people are unable to use high-quality legal assistance due to debts?
  • Did you know that there is a particular training which offers employers the opportunity to support their employees regarding debt management?

Open source licenses

  • What is open source?
  • What types of licenses exist in this area and what are their risks?
  • How does free software impact the development of business software products?

What should your company keep in mind concerning the latest changes in business law?

  • What does group liability mean?
  • What will the business name reservation entail?
  • Why is it now easier to establish a subsidiary?
  • Why the widely-discussed change – establishing a private limited company with just one cent – may not be a suitable solution for everyone?
Optsioonid ehk kuidas motiveerida oma töötajaid nagu startupis?

Options - how to motivate your employees like in a startup?

  • How to motivate your employees like in a startup?
  • Options – how, why, and for whom?
  • What are the stock option programs of different companies?

All of our training sessions are conducted by experienced lawyers and legal experts. Training can be done in the format of webinars and workshops.

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