Many Estonians have started businesses in Finland or have gone to work there. When going to work in a foreign country or engaging in business activities there, it is essential to be familiar with the laws of that country.
The training will explain the principles of Finnish labor law, including the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, the role of trade unions and collective agreements, wage and fringe benefits, employer costs, and employee taxation. It will also clarify the various forms of cross-border employment in Finland, discussing the possibilities of working in Finland.

The training is meant for entrepreneurs and their representatives who wish to start business activities in Finland or are already operating there. It is also open to anyone who intends to work in Finland.

Training program:

  • International and national sources of labour law
    • International sources
    • National sources from constitution to custom
  • The role and collective importance of trade unions
  • Distinguishing employment contract from other contracts
    • Employment contract
    • Manager’s contract
    • Other civil law contract
  • Conclusion of employment contract and main conditions
  • Remuneration
  • Working and rest time and holidays
  • Non-competition and confidentiality obligations
  • IP and employees
  • The employer’s options in case of employee violations
  • Termination of employment contract
    • At the initiative of the employee
    • At the initiative of the employer for a reason arising from the employee
    • At the initiative of the employer for economic reasons
    • Collective cancellation of employment contracts and consultation of employees
    • Procedure and form for employment contract cancellation
  • Posting employees to Finland or Estonia. Hiring foreigners
  • Supervision over compliance with labor laws and employer’s liability
  • Resolution of labor disputes
Kalle Pedak - koolitaja

Trainer: Kalle Pedak

Hedman´s partner and attorney-at-law Kalle advises on merger and acquisition transactions (M&A) between Estonian and Finnish companies. He is an expert in Finnish corporate law and contract law. Several international publications such as The Legal 500, European Legal Experts, and PLC Lawyer recognise Kalle as an expert.

Andres Kivi - koolitaja

Trainer: Andres Kivi

Hedman´s senior associate Andres advises clients in matters pertaining to employment, corporate, real estate, and contract law in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. Moreover, he represents natural persons acquiring real estate in negotiations with real estate developers. He has gained diverse experience with public procurements, having successfully represented both the contracting authority, tenderer, and supervisory institution in carrying out and appealing them.

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