Open source licenses

The training focuses on understanding open-source licenses and their use in software projects. During the course, we will explain the advantages and limitations of different types of open-source licenses, as well as how to choose the right license for your project. The training will also take a closer look at the importance of complying with open-source license requirements.

What is open source?

What is open source, and why is it important in the world of software development? We will explore how open source differs from closed source and how it enables the public availability of source code. We’ll also examine how open source fosters collaboration and innovation in software projects.

  • What types of licenses exist in this field, and what are their risks?

We will discuss in more detail the types of open-source licenses, including MIT, GNU GPL, Apache, and others. We will go through the fundamental principles of each license and explain the rights and obligations associated with using and distributing software according to the terms of each license. At the same time, we will address the issue of risks, showing what legal consequences may arise if license terms are not followed. This part will help participants understand how to choose the right license according to the needs and goals of their software project.

  • How does free software affect the development of commercial software products?

In the final part, we will delve into the impact of open source on business, especially in the development of commercial software products. We will explore how working with free software and open source can help companies reduce development costs, accelerate product development, and increase innovation. At the same time, we will also explain potential challenges and risk factors that need to be considered in business projects. Participants will gain knowledge on how to integrate open source strategies into their business software product development and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Trainer: Toomas Seppel

Hedman’s partner Toomas Seppel advises clients on EU laws applicable to software-based services. He also advises on the launch of new technologies and expansion into new business markets, as well as cryptocurrency-based models and token public offerings (ICOs).

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