10 songs that can no longer be used in beer advertisements

According to the Advertising Act, the information contained in alcohol advertising must be focused on the product and be presented neutrally. Product focus refers to the representation of information and advertising elements directly and centrally related to the advertised product.

According to the criterion of neutrality, advertising must be devoid of any distinctive features or characteristics, must not appear attractive or inviting, and must not present a positive mood or atmosphere.

Also, alcohol advertising may not contain elements that allow alcohol to be associated with an anniversary, event, activity, or season. The requirements of product focus and neutrality apply not only to the visual side but also to the sound design.

This raises the question of which musical works can be used as the soundtrack for alcohol advertising.

Prohibition to incite to buy or consume

The audio and visual design of the information shall not incite to buy or consume alcohol. “Joo, sõber, joo” (Drink, friend, drink) is sung by the legendary Ivo Linna. This is an invitation to drink alcohol, which is why it is not allowed to use this song in alcohol advertising.

Cocktail recipe prohibited

The audio and visual design of the information provided in alcohol advertising shall not depict the serving or consumption of alcohol. In their song “Mojito“, Smilers gives detailed instructions on how to make a cocktail of the same name, so it is not possible to use this song as a background for alcohol advertising, even if the product being advertised is not rum.

Anniversary songs are prohibited

The audio and visual design of the information provided in alcohol advertising shall not link alcohol to any important dates, events, activities, or seasons. As a result, it is forbidden to use the well-known “Sünnipäevalaps, võta veel üks naps” (Birthday child, have another drink) in alcohol advertising because it associates alcohol consumption with a birthday.

The song “Palve isale” (Prayer to the Father) with a completely different mood and with the words „sind palun isa, ära joo purju ennast, jälle kord kui pühad saabuvad“ (father I plead you, don’t get drunk again when the holidays arrive) is also forbidden, as it associates anniversaries and alcohol. In addition, Kruuvi’s song “Pulmavalss” (Wedding Waltz) cannot be used, for example, because the story links to wine and weddings.

Positive mood and atmosphere are not allowed

The audio and visual design of alcohol advertising must not give the impression that alcohol is a natural part of life and that alcohol consumption has a positive effect. The ban on showing alcohol as a natural part of life is ruled out by Raimond Valgre’s “Joogilaul” (Drinking Song), as the lyrics give the impression that it is customary to turn to alcohol when feeling sad.

The PS Troika “Põdrakasvataja” (ElkBreeder) is also not allowed, as the story suggests that alcohol is a common gift. MustQ’s “Rahvaspordipäev” (People’s Sports Day) song is forbidden because it contains the phrase „Kui käpp on maas, siis tuju hea, viinad sees ja muust ei tea“ (If the paw is down, (expression in Estonian for being drunk) the mood is good, the vodka is inside (expression in Estonian for the vodka being drunk) and you don’t know anything else).

Also, the nublu song “Mina ka” (Me too) should not be used, as it alludes to the connection between the beauty of the evening and the gin and tonic. Also, Smilers „Viis kasti õlut“ (Five Boxes of Beer) is not suitable because it refers to having a pleasant time and the amount of beer and vodka („mõnus on olla ja mured ei piina, meil on viis kasti õlut ja palju viina …) (“the feeling is nice and worries don’t torment, we have five boxes of beer and a lot of vodka…).

Drinking behind the wheel should not be promoted

The audio and visual presentation of the information provided in advertising shall not associate alcohol with driving. As a result, you shouldn’t use the 5miinus song “Varas” (Thief) in alcohol advertising: „mina juba taga tal, audi põhi madalal, ise olen täis nagu ait vanapaganal, pole muret, sama jama tal“ (I’m already behind him, audi base low, I’m full (slang in Estonian for drunk) like a barn of the devil, no worries, he has the same problem).

Another rap story that can’t be used is Cool D „Juua täis peaga“ (Being drunk) : „autoroolis kindlasti.. juua täis peaga!“ (Behind the wheel definitely drunk).

You can’t sing in Lotte’s voice

The audio and visual design of the information in the advertisement must not mimic the voice of a well-known person or character, as well as a person or character known primarily through film, television, music and entertainment program or event aimed primarily at children.

Consequently, a song with Lotte’s voice must not be used as a background for alcohol advertising. It would also be questionable to use singers and actors with younger fans in the fan base, such as Getter Jaani, to make alcohol advertising.

What songs are allowed in alcohol advertising?

The question arises, what songs can be used in alcohol advertising at all?

Dear reader, write to us on songs that do not appear attractive or inviting and do not represent a positive mood or atmosphere. Also note that the music must not be associated with important dates, events, activities, or seasons.

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