New Data Protection Rules: What Does It Mean for Startups?

New Data Protection Rules: What does it Mean for Startups with Hedman Lift

Posted by LIFT99co on Teisipäev, 31. Oktoober 2017

In the light of the new data protection regulation coming into existence from May 2018, we will be talking about the new regulation and how it will influence start-ups, mainly SaaS-based enterprises in the field of health tech, ad tech, MedTech and fintech. The talk will also be beneficial for start-up companies in any other field who collect and process personal data of its customers (so pretty much any active company in existence).

We will be talking about issues such as:

  • In what manner and extent the personal data of a customer can be processed by the company;
  • What is the obligation of the companies to protect their customer’s data “by default” and “by design”;
  • What is data portability and the customer’s right to be forgotten;
  • What are the obligations if the company merely provides data center services or carries out specific data-processing tasks on behalf of a third party;
  • What are the new obligations to keep a data registry, carry out an impact assessment, and appoint a data protection officer?

Regardless of how many of these words above rang a bell for you, this session will help you remain on top of things as the new laws come into being. Especially as there is a clear indication from regulators of EU that protection of personal data must be taken seriously and failure to do so may become costly.

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