Hedman is among the top 1% of Estonian companies according to the business daily “Äripäev”

Hedman law firm has entered the top 1% of Estonian companies and achieved Äripäev’s “Gasell” (a gazelle in Estonian since gazelles are the fourth-fastest land animals) status. A company’s growth speed, business flexibility, and innovation courage are considered in attributing this status.

“Estonia is considered one of the leading digital societies in the world, with 99% of public services accessible online. This means that our clients require more from us than would have been the case in a less digital country. This taught us to always be on our toes, think far ahead, and see where the shoe pinches our clients and partners even before they realise it,” says Hedman’s Managing Partner Merlin Seeman.

Always innovating

For instance, in 2017, it became clear that we needed to adapt to GDPR efficiently. So, we developed the GDPR Register, a European privacy documentation management platform that makes the GDPR compliance process transparent, simple, and effective for businesses of all sizes. In 2021 we launched an online training platform to help businesses train employees on the basics of GDPR compliance and reduce operational risks to a minimum.

Our approach towards innovation is one of the major elements that has brought us this growth. Innovating might be a challenge, but it is a challenge we gladly accept. We at Hedman will always say yes to (digital) transformation and innovation.

You can read about other gasell-companies in Estonian by following this link  Märksõnaga Gasell seotud artiklid Äripäevas (aripaev.ee)

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