Hedman Partners joins the Mastercard Lighthouse Program

Mastercard’s Lighthouse Development Program prides itself on creating a platform where fintech companies have the chance to come together with leading banks, investors, legal firms, tech providers, startup advisors, and more to create scalable partnerships.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are a new addition to the Lighthouse network to help to create value for startups.

We will join DLA Piper and Borenius as the law firms providing support in Lighthouse and will participate in the Tallinn workshops this spring.

Mastercard launched Lighthouse to build lasting partnerships with leading fintech companies. The program brings fintechs, banks, investors, and advisors together to scale innovative ideas.

The Lighthouse Program takes place over three workshops that exist to bring partnership projects to life. The partnerships that make the most progress will be invited to continue the program for the final event, and the company that makes the greatest improvement overall will be declared the program winner.



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