Film, Music, and Gaming Industry

Artist and Record Contracts

Negotiations of music industry contracts. Music publishing contracts and artist contracts with record labels. Music industry licensing models.

Film Production

Film industry contracts. Actor contracts with film producers. Options for original works and screenplay contracts. Legal structure of film financing models. Co-production contracts.


Franchise agreements and trademark licensing. Cross-border franchise agreements.

Synchronization and Advertising

Sale of music rights for the film and gaming industry. Drafting advertising contracts.

Trademarks and Licenses

Registration of trademarks in the film, music, and gaming industry. Negotiation and drafting of license agreements.

Image right and Data Processing

Use of personal data in films and advertising. Use of photos and videos in films and advertisements.

Corporate and Employment Law

Employment law in the film, music, and gaming industry. Service contracts and tax law.

Dispute Resolution

Copyright litigation in the film, music, and gaming industry.

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