Hedman Partners advised Yanu in their initial coin offering

Yanu is a state-of-the-art bartending unit empowered by fully autonomous AI and robotics. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients promising to deliver a major change in food and beverage industry.

The team behind Yanu, Robolab, consists of university scientists, top designers, and entertainment and bar industry professionals. Further information about Yanu technology and the ICO can be found here.

Hedman Partners advised Robolab in regard of the currently on-going initial coin offering, whereby Robolab issues tokens enabling access to its future products and services, in order to boost the production cycle and scale up manufacturing.

Hedman Partners team helped to assess and ensure compliance of the Yanu tokens to with the Estonian laws as well as structure the legal relationship between Yanu token holders and Robolab.

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