EVENT: Coffee Morning in Helsinki – Let’s talk about taxation in Estonia

Invest Estonia, the Estonian Embassy in Finland and law firm Hedman Partners are pleased to invite you to a morning coffee event at the newly renovated Estonian Embassy in Helsinki to hear about and discuss new changes in Estonian taxation and tax-related topics to consider in cross-border transactions.

Time schedule:

8:30 Morning coffee & registration☕

9:00 Greetings from the Ambassador of Estonia Sven Sakkov

9:10 Why in Estonia, services for Finnish companies by Pilvi Hämäläinen, Invest Estonia’s Director of Business Development in Finland

9:15 – 9:45 Current issues in Estonian taxation by Triin Ahveldt, Tax Consultant at Hedman Law Firm

Triin Ahveldt’s presentation deals with Estonian corporate and dividend taxation, as well as what must be taken into account in dealing with the Estonian Tax Authority. Triin advises associates on tax issues from planning the optimal tax structure of transactions to the successful completion of tax audit procedures. She has previously worked in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board as a tax auditor and a leading tax auditor, in addition to which she has also worked for a long time as a tax consultant in a law firm specialising in representing clients tax disputes.

9:45 – 10:15 Finland has expanded the tax liability of companies registered abroad – does it affect Finnish-owned companies registered in Estonia? by Risto Walden, Tax Specialist at Lis.Sc., Bilanssi Oy

Risto Walden works as an expert in taxation and financial statements at Bilanssi Oy and has previously worked at the Helsinki School of Economics and Tax Administration for several years. He is one of Finland’s leading experts in accounting and taxation and has written several books and articles related to the theme.

✔️The event is in English.

More information about the event 👉 Pilvi Hämäläinen, pilvi.hamalainen@eas.ee / +358 400 903696

REGISTER HERE – https://investinestonia.com/forms/viron-veroaamu/

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