EVENT: Legal issues of option transactions in a startup

Option programs are an effective way to motivate employees and link them more strongly to the employer. As a startup entrepreneur, you can also use the options as a payroll, if your company is just starting up and all the money is being spent on development activities.

Today, almost every startup offers option programs to its employees, and there are actually many different types of options, which you should know about.

  • What is option pool and why is it wise to think about it at an earlier stage when listing down your cap table?
  • What are the different types of options and how do you share them?
  • Which sweat equity deals to follow and which ones rather avoid?
  • How to motivate and retain employees, but also consider the legal aspects of options?

All of this will be discussed on December 21 at 13:00 by Tim Vaino (Dealflow Manager, VNTRS), Kadri Tammai (CEO, Tehnopol Startup Incubator) and Kati Pino (Senior Associate, Law Firm Hedman).

The event is in English and free for anyone interested. There will be a broadcast of the event, but please let us know in the registration form if you would like to join us on-spot.

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