Hedman is assisting creditors of Intus Hoiu-Laenuühistu

Hedman Law Firm is assisting creditors of Intus Hoiu-Laenuühistu in bringing claims against the debtor and representing the creditor’s interests in insolvency proceedings before the Estonian court and trustee.

Our experienced attorneys specialise in insolvency cases involving cross-border asset tracking and recovery. We have successfully represented numerous clients across multiple jurisdictions, helping to recover significant damages and safeguarding their financial interests. We are well-versed in the intricacies of international bankruptcy proceedings and the challenges it presents to the creditors.

If you believe you have a potential claim against Intus Hoiu-laenuühistu we encourage you to take action now as the deadline for submitting claims is limited.

You can contact us at info@hedman.legal or through the message box to explore your options and benefit from our comprehensive experience in insolvency cases.

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