Hedman earns a prestigious gold label for prioritising mental health in the workplace

For the very first time, Peaasi.ee has introduced a series of recognition labels for organizations that prioritize mental health. These badges have been categorized into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers, and we are thrilled to announce that Hedman has been honored with the prestigious gold label. A total of 126 organizations have been recognized through these badges.

Among the recipients of the gold label, a distinguished group of 41 organizations stands out. This includes SEB Bank, Enterprise and Innovation Foundation, Fontes, Playtech, Testlio, Swedbank, Eesti Energia, and more, all of whom have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to mental health.

Organizations underwent a rigorous evaluation process to earn this esteemed label, which involved completing a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire, divided into three sections, assessed the measures and strategies to promote mental health and awareness of mental skills within the workplace. Points were awarded to organizations for each completed aspect of the questionnaire. Based on their responses and overall score, organizations were classified into three tiers: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Healthy employees = healthy workplace

Over the years, Hedman has continually enhanced the well-being of its employees by providing more accessible sports opportunities and steadfastly supporting padel training. Our commitment to employee wellness extends to offering a Confido health solution, encompassing a comprehensive mental health package. This allows all team members to schedule appointments with psychologists, therapists, or coaches conveniently.

Our office has a separate relaxation room with a massage chair, and fresh fruits are always available.

We consistently host expert speakers from diverse fields throughout the year, including health advisors, nutritionists, sleep specialists, and more. These informative sessions enrich our team’s knowledge and well-being.

Furthermore, we have implemented and plan to continue conducting breathing and gymnastics exercises led by experts via video conferencing. This initiative has been especially pivotal in maintaining team morale during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hedman firmly believes in supporting its employees’ work-life balance. We understand that everyone occasionally requires extended breaks, and we encourage the popular sabbatical option, whether to recharge after intense work or for other personal reasons. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering.

You can explore the complete list of businesses awarded these recognition badges by clicking here.

Peaasi.ee promotes mental health, prevents mental health problems, early intervention, and reduces social stigma. MTÜ Peaasjad connects people who care about mental health. 

The core of Peaasi consists of mental health and youth work specialists, consultants, and supporters from different fields. Members of Peaasi are united by their enthusiasm about, interest in, and respect for all things human. We aspire to address mental health issues in an understanding, knowledgeable, flexible, optimistic, light-hearted, and open way.

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