Hedman Partners collaborates with ELSA Estonia

Hedman Partners is glad to announce partnership with ELSA Estonia to contribute to the development of legal education and to fulfill their purpose among law students in Estonia as in the whole network of ELSA’s 44 member countries.

ELSA association has been active for 37 years and today, over 51000 students from 44 European countries, from 371 Faculties of Law are a part of ELSA network. Their mission is to contribute to legal education and to improve understanding and international cooperation between law students.

ELSA Estonia’s goal is to broaden Estonian law students horizon and give them the opportunity to get to know the fields that are not part of the curriculum.

We, both in Hedman Partners and ELSA, consider dealing with practically applicable and theoretic knowledge important, giving students opportunities to take part in different discussions and also to create ways for them to self-improve and obtain valuable experience.

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