Hedman Partners joined the Estonian Venture Capital Association

Law firm Hedman Partners has joined the Estonian Venture Capital Association (EstVCA) to stand alongside other providers of professional services to venture capitalists, private equity funds and business angels.

Hedman Partners’ managing partner Merlin Salvik said that it is crucial for the firm to be where their clients are and contribute towards the development of the Estonian private and venture capital sector and business culture in general. “It is important for us to be able to help and represent our clients in their industry organisations,” noted Salvik. The lawyers of Hedman Partners have accumulated a wealth of experience in the new economy sector and can share their know-how with other colleagues in the drafting of transaction templates. Valter Võhma is the representative of Hedman Partners in EstVCA’s transactions working group.

EstVCA brings together the major players in the industry to jointly contribute towards drafting private and venture capital regulation and legislation in Estonia and the European Union to ensure Estonia’s competitiveness in relation to other countries and regions.

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