Hedman Partners strengthened its tax law expertise

Tax consultant Triin Ahveldt joined law firm Hedman Partners and is advising the firm’s lawyers in all tax-related areas, from transaction planning to disputes with the Tax and Customs Board.

Triin advises associates on tax issues from planning the optimal tax structure of transactions to the successful completion of tax audit procedures.

Triinu’s unique competence helps us to be even stronger in the field of tax law, which gives us the confidence that we can give our clients the best advice, keeping up to date with the changes that are coming into force, best practices, and court decisions.

Triin has worked in the Tax and Customs Board as a tax auditor and as a leading tax auditor, which is how she knows the nuances of the tax inspection process from the tax auditors perspective, in addition to which she has also worked for a long time as a tax consultant in a law firm specializing in representing clients tax disputes.

She has also conducted various tax seminars and workshops, including on topical issues such as the reduced tax rate of dividends, basic tax course for board members, and fringe benefits on the use of cars.

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