Hedman Partners reinforcing the UK link

Hedman Partners has been cooperating with the UK Embassy in Estonia for many years to help build a bridge between Estonian and UK businesses and to act as a trustworthy advisor in cross-border transactions. The seriousness of Hedman Partners’ commitment was reassured by newly-appointed HMA Theresa Bubbear, who paid a visit to Hedman Partners’ offices recently to discuss further cooperation in more detail. In 2015, Hedman Partners was a proud sponsor of the launch of TechLink, the UK Embassy’s initiative to build a network of UK and Estonian tech entrepreneurs. Hedman Partners gave the ambassador an overview of Hedman Lift, the online legal resource for startups, and of the law firm’s recent experiences conducting stock flips of Estonian enterprises to the UK.
Hedman Partners’ managing partner Merlin Salvik just recently returned from a trip to London, where she attended the IBA European Start Up Conference. Despite the tumultuous events of 2016, including Brexit and the US elections among others, London still is the no. 1 city in Europe for startups – London startups raised more funding than any other European city in the first half of this year. However, there’s still a lot of catching up to do with startup transaction volumes in the US. More insight into the hot and trending issues discussed at the seminar will be provided soon.

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