Hedman partners with the Estonian Startup Awards for the 3rd Time

Hedman partnered up with the Estonian Startup Awards for the third time. We had the honourable task of presenting “The Revenue Hack of 2022” category at the Awards’ gala held on January 27th, 2023, at The Glass Hall of the Song Festival Grounds. The Estonian Startup Awards recognises the top startups, solutions, and founders in Estonia and provides a platform for them to showcase their achievements and impact on the industry. 

President Alar Karis opening the Estonian Startup Awards gala

Alar Karis, the President of the Republic of Estonia, opened the event. Also in attendance were the former IT Minister Andres Sutt and current IT minister Kristjan Järvan, with the latter also presenting an award. Managing Partner Merlin Seeman, Partner Toomas Seppel, Senior Associate Kati Pino, Associate Anastasia Miller, and Marketing Communications Manager Dea Paraskevopoulos were present from our end. 

Merlin Seeman with Haut.AI’s founder Anastasia Georgievskaya

Hedman Clients Continue to Shine Bright

Our clients made a strong showing at the recent awards ceremony, with several of them being shortlisted and nominated in the following categories:

  • Haut.AI’s Anastasia Georgievskaya – The Foreign Founder of 2022
  • Katana’s Kristjan Vilosious, Planet42‘s Eerik Oja & Marten Orgna and Yaga’s Aune Aunapuu – The Founder of The Year of 2022
  • Vivita –  The Edtech of 2022
  • Lightcode Photonics and  Gelatex -The DeepTech of 2022
  • Kwota –  The Big Bang of 2022
  • Yaga – The Cleantech of 2022
  • Planet42 & Katana   – The Revenue Hack of 2022

Despite not taking home the top prize, we are proud of our clients for their achievements and recognition in these categories.

The winners in each category were:

  • The Foreign Founder of 2022 – Modash’s Avery Schrader
  • The Founder of The Year of 2022 – Ready Player Me’s Timmu Tõke 
  • The Edtech of 2022 – 99math
  •  The Defence and Security Tech of 2022 – Milrem
  • The DeepTech of 2022 – Pactum
  • The Big Bang of 2022 – Koos
  • The Cleantech of 2022 – Comodule
  • The Revenue Hack of 2022 – Comodule
  • The Giving Back Powerhouse of 2022 – NAFO
  • The Wise Wallet of 2022 – Triin Hertmann (angel investor and co-founder of Grünfin)

We congratulate everyone, from the winners to the shortlistees, for their recognition and wish them even greater success and impact this new year.

The Revenue Hack Award

As the Revenue Hack award presenter, we were thrilled to bring attention to the impressive Estonian scaleups. This category provides an opportunity to highlight these scaleups and their potential for growth and impact, which is why it holds particular significance. Scaleups have already demonstrated their market validation, a remarkable accomplishment in its own right. 

Comodule – Winners of the Revenue Hack award

The top 3 nominees in the Revenue Hack category were Comodule, Jobbatical, and Veriff, with Comodule emerging as the winner. Since being founded in 2014, Comodule has transformed the mobility sector while enabling sustainability by smart-empowering light electric vehicles. Their mission? To empower emissionless transport. In 2022, they partnered with some of the biggest brands in micromobility, providing connectivity to 250 000 (+66%) light electric vehicles, scaled in-house production, and started manufacturing 2 new product lines. 

A Fun and Memorable Event

There is no doubt that the Estonian Startup Awards gala is one of the most annually anticipated events in the Estonian startup sector, and understandably so. Aside from showcasing and celebrating the best of the best in our industry, this is THE event bringing together for some fun time in a community that is otherwise busy building, travelling, raising funds, and herding unicorns. This year brought together about 500 people of impact from within the startup community, including founders, investors, government officials, and legal and media professionals.

The interview with Ivan Kaunov

Among the highlights of our time at the gala was hearing Ivan Kaunov, a Ukrainian startup founder and soldier in the Ukrainian Army (since April 2022), speak about reality in the Ukrainian frontline and army. At this time, we cannot overemphasise how vital and impactful this was. Overall, the Startup Estonia Awards was fun and memorable; it was great being part of it.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Awards and supporting the growth and success of Estonian startups.

Kati Pino on stage at the Awards

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