AI regulatory compliance

We offer specialized legal services to ensure your activities related to the development and usage of AI align seamlessly with domestic and EU regulations. Our expertise in AI law empowers your business to innovate responsibly and ethically within the European Union. While the EU AI Act is not yet in force, preparing for compliance now positions your business at the forefront of regulatory adherence and ethical practice.

Preliminary assessment

We conduct preliminary assessments to classify:

  • Your role under the EU AI Act as a provider, deployer, distributor, importer, or authorized representative;
  • AI systems as prohibited, high-risk, or limited-risk according to the EU AI Act;
  • Whether an AI system or model is a general-purpose AI system or model according to the EU AI Act.

Further advisory would be based on the preliminary assessment.

Compliance and conformity

Consultation on achieving conformity with the EU AI Act for high-risk and limited-risk AI systems. Development of compliance strategies crucial for the early adoption of compliance measures, including:

  • Risk management systems;
  • Data governance and management practices;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Record-keeping practices;
  • Transparency procedures;
  • Accuracy, robustness, and cybersecurity procedures.

Data governance

We address data governance and privacy concerns in compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations, ensuring a holistic approach to AI risk management.

Contracts and licensing in the EU context

Our services include drafting and reviewing AI-related contracts with an emphasis on EU regulatory compliance and advising on intellectual property rights within the European legal framework, offering comprehensive legal support in contractual matters.

Litigation and legal representation

We represent clients in communications with authorities and offer legal support in disputes with business partners and users. We also offer legal support and representation in AI-related cases.

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