Defamation and media

Hedman is your partner in all matters related to defamation and media. We advise and represent clients in disputes related to media and defamation in civil court proceedings and pre-trial negotiations.

We assist you, among other things, with the following issues:

  • Defamation;
  • Publication of incorrect facts and inappropriate value judgments;
  • Deletion of articles;
  • Removal of incorrect facts from articles;
  • Deletion of personal data from articles;
  • Deletion of personal data from various portals and websites;
  • Demands for the refutation of incorrect facts;
  • Pre-trial advice and negotiations;
  • Court proceedings, including securing claims;
  • Submission of enforcement documents to the bailiff for execution;
  • Application for intervention to the Data Protection Inspectorate;
  • Conducting pre-trial evidence-gathering procedures to obtain information on the defamer;
  • Submission of claims for damages and responding to them;
  • Defamation lawsuits;
  • Disputes related to deepfake and fake videos;
  • Dealing with false and misleading reviews.

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