Employment & Stock options

Our team of lawyers advises companies and individuals in various employment matters.


  • Recommending and drafting for our clients the most suitable type of contract for hiring workforce;
  • Contract for services;
  • Authorization agreement;
  • Employment contract.

Foreign workforce and relocation

  • Advising in migration matters;
  • Applications for short-term employment registration;
  • Visas; in particular start-up visa and digital nomad visa;
  • e-Residency matters;
  • Residence permits, in particular residence permit for employment, employment in a start-up or business related to a start-up, engagement in the enterprise as a large investor, or employment as a top specialist.

Employment documents

  • Providing employment contracts;
  • Rules of work organization;
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements that are in line with applicable laws and are tailored to the company’s needs;
  • Drafting documents concerning breaches of employment duties or for the termination of employment relationships;
  • Warnings;
  • Declarations of cancellation;
  • Lay-off notifications;
  • Termination agreements.

Employee incentives and option agreements

  • Advising and formulating motivational packages for employees;
  • Bonus systems;
  • Stock options.

Daily advice in employment matters

  • Advising in daily employment matters;
  • Providing opinions and guidelines for understanding and complying with applicable labor laws.

Employment disputes

  • Helping to prevent disputes by providing well-crafted documents and prompt daily advice;
  • In case of an employment dispute, we outline the potential alternatives and risks to our client;
  • Helping to negotiate compromise solutions;
  • Acting as representatives in the labor dispute committee and court proceedings.
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