Wise Guys Investments chose Hedman Partners as their legal counsel

Wise Guys Investments, an investment firm operating the technology start-up accelerator Startup Wise Guys, has chosen Hedman Partners as their legal advisers.

The investment firm was founded 2.5 years ago by Estonian private investors with a focus on investing in start-up companies with high potential in the technology sector. Wise Guys Investments has launched an accelerator program for discovering appropriate investment opportunities, the program’s three cycles have thus far yielded investments into 24 companies in 15 countries around the world.

Maris Prii, executive director of Wise Guys Investments, said that any company that invests in start-up enterprises needs a qualified legal counsel to help them look after the investor’s interests in the best possible way. “It is Hedman Partners’ role to verify and confirm the compliance of all follow-up agreements involving the companies in our portfolio,” noted Prii.

Hedman Partners’ managing partner Merlin Salvik said that the law firm strives to be the most competent advisers to investors in the technology sector. Hedman Partners is an international law firm that focuses on commercial law, cross-border transactions, and intellectual property rights.

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