Seminar: International match on employment law between Estonia and Finland

On September 4, a seminar on a topic called “International match on employment law between Estonia and Finland” will take place in co-operation with Hedman Partners Attorneys-at-Law and Tallinn Konverentsid. The seminar will be conducted by our labor law experts Merlin Salvik and Kalle Pedak.

The aim of the seminar is to compare the similarities and differences of the Estonian and Finnish employment law based on the new judicial practice. As nowadays it is very popular to start a business or go to work in Finland, it is important to know the nuances of the employment law abroad and the main differences between Estonian and Finnish employment law.

The topics being discussed are the following:

  1. Employment or civil law contract (contracts with the employee, manager, and owner);
  2. Rewarding employees and fringe benefits;
  3. Business trip (national or foreign);
  4. Restraint of trade clause;
  5. Termination of the employment contract during the probationary period;
  6. Termination of employment contract by the employer due to economic problems;
  7. Termination of an employment contract due to reasons related to wages.

More detailed information about the seminar is available here.

The seminar will take place at Hedman Partners office.

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