Hedman advised UniTartu Ventures in investing in Gearbox Biosciences

Hedman Law Firm advised UniTartu Ventures, the University of Tartu’s special-purpose investment vehicle, in their strategic investment in Gearbox Biosciences via an intellectual property transfer (IP).

Gearbox Biosciences, a biotechnology spin-off from the University of Tartu, is championing a breakthrough technology that allows protein production without the necessity of antibiotics. In the investment round led by Specialist VC and UniTartu Ventures, the company raised €380,000. Combined with other investments and grants, Gearbox Biosciences’ total funding exceeds half a million euros.

Hedman played a pivotal role in guiding UniTartu Ventures on the documentation required to suit the intellectual property-to-equity model, in addition to preparing other requisite documents and managing due diligence findings. It is noteworthy that Hedman was instrumental in establishing this unique IP investment model, which has been in use by the client since 2022.

From our Hedman, the client was advised by senior associate Kati Pino.

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