Hedman Partners advised Foxcademy founders in their successful exit

Law firm Hedman Partners has advised the founders of an Estonian startup Fox Solutions OÜ, the owner of the education platform https://www.foxcademy.com/, in their successful exit from the company.

Fox Solutions OÜ is a startup founded by Kenneth Pohl and Sebastian Pikand which has evolved from a small-scale pilot to a study platform with thousands of users from about a hundred schools.

The transaction was advised by Kati Pino, Associate at Hedman Partners, and Merlin Salvik, Managing Partner at Hedman Partners.

Hedman Partners drew up documentation necessary for the successful completion of the share sale transactions and advised on the questions relating to the granted options and other related matters. The value of the transaction is confidential and shall not be disclosed.

The founders of Fox Solutions OÜ are happy with the opportunity to have experienced a whole business cycle from 0 to 100 with a profitable exit and continue to be active in the Estonian startup ecosystem.

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