Hedman Partners co-hosted a fireside chat with Rain Lõhmus and John Longhurst for the guests of FinTech seminar

Hedman Partners together with LHV Bank and the British Embassy in Tallinn treated the participants of the FinTech seminar held in Tallinn on November 19th to an informative yet casual fireside chat at the Gloria Wine Cellar.

Founders, investors, bankers, and regulators from the UK and Estonia were invited to listen to a battle of wits between LHV Bank’s chairman of the supervisory board Rain Lõhmus and prominent UK investor John Longhurst from TangentLink as part of the events leading to the grand launch of the British Embassy’s TechLink initiative.

The fireside chat aimed to define Estonia’s moment in the age of dislocation and also touch upon the developments in store in 2016 and the do’s and don’ts for a global investor acting in Estonia.

Merlin Salvik from Hedman Partners commented in her opening address that the TechLink initiative is another step towards strengthening the technological link between the financial capital of the world and the startup capital of the new world.

“Being young and innovative, Estonia aims to challenge the rest of the world into thinking about how to disrupt existing business models – and the UK stands to benefit greatly from these initiatives. This is a natural symbiosis for two great countries who thrive on being in the driver’s seat when new advancements are set in motion”, Salvik stressed in her speech.

Rain Lõhmus is the chairman of the supervisory board of LHV Bank and has been leading the Estonian banking revolution ever since the early 90s when he was amongst the group of young active men setting up Hansapank.

Today he is also active as an investor in the startup scene not just in Estonia, but elsewhere as well. John Longhurst had an illustrious career in the City spanning a few decades and is now based in Tallinn, also investing in startups among other interests. He also serves as the Executive Chairman of TangentLink and is the President of Japan-Israel Advisors.

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