Hedman Partners rewarded another two startups at Prototron

Prototron Foundation celebrated their 5th anniversary on 7th of September.
Founders of the fund, partners, alumni’s, new supporters and the summer teams identified the top 10 teams fighting for funding as well as announced the winners who received investments to develop a prototype of their idea.
The winner of the summer round was the hINF team which received 10,150 euros for the creation of the hINF platform. hINF is working on creating a digital support platform that reflects patient’s history of treatment, prescribed by his doctor which will make it easier to monitor the patient’s condition change and will replace 50% of visits with digital consultations, making communication between the patient and the doctor more effective.
Timecode pen team received 9960 euros for developing a device that can be connected to a camera or a voice recorder which generates a temporary SMPTE code by using a GPS. This will substantially facilitate the subsequent processing of audio/video material at the production stage.

Hedman Partners will support both teams with 1000 euros worth of legal advice.

We remind you that the deadline for submitting applications for financing your autumn round project is 15th October. You can apply at http://prototron.ee/en/

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