Blockchain & Crypto

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in assisting some of the most innovative and ambitious FinTech projects in Estonia. Our assistance in this field is far-ranging: from ensuring the legal compliance of the business model to refining the specific contractual conditions in order to maximize the potential of the technology.

Among else, our repertoire includes:

ICOs and STOs

  • Advising many innovative projects that have successfully carried out their token offerings (client example);
  • Tokenized coin or security offerings to the public are the most recent approach to carrying out crowdfunding, enabling to raise funds worldwide while also gaining loyal early adopters of the technology in the form of the token purchasers.

Crypto licenses

  • Providing legal certainty regarding cryptocurrency wallet and exchange licenses services (Estonia has been one of the first countries to introduce these services);
  • Helping many foreign projects without any prior link to Estonia to conveniently establish their operations in Estonia and successfully commence providing their services all over Europe.

Regulatory compliance of blockchain-based business models

  • Helping innovative business models to thrive in Estonia thanks to carefully designing the services to fit into the existing legal framework;
  • For example, tokenizing the copyright royalty payments and setting up a blockchain-based system for frictionless and liquid real estate investment platform.

In addition, we assist with all other relevant issues, such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules;
  • Financial and payment services activity permits;
  • Setting up crowdfunding platforms or projects.
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