Enforcement proceedings

Hedman is your partner in all matters related to enforcement proceedings. We advise creditors, debtors, enforcement participants, and debtors’ employers. In addition, we offer advice on purchasing property at court auctions and on inheritance-related issues.

Pre-trial advice

  • Pre-trial advice;
  • Representation in communication with the bailiff;
  • Control over the bailiff’s activities;
  • Submission of complaints and applications.

Court and enforcement proceedings

  • Court proceedings;
  • Efficient enforcement of court decisions;
  • Security for claims, including seizure of assets, asset preservation, etc.;
  • Ensuring the efficiency of enforcement proceedings;
  • Recovery of assets;
  • Division of joint property;
  • Advice on wage garnishment orders;
  • Dispute over the value of assets;
  • Disputes regarding the validity of enforcement documents;
  • Statute of limitations – control over time limits, submission of the statute of limitations applications, disputes over time limits;
  • The legality of asset seizure;
  • Complaints against the bailiff’s activities;
  • Request for suspension of enforcement proceedings;
  • Disputes over execution measures;
  • Disputes over joint property seizure;
  • Declaration of inadmissibility of compulsory enforcement.


  • Advice on auction issues;
  • Issues related to the sale and purchase of inheritance property;
  • Challenging auctions;
  • Communication with the new owner;
  • Division of inheritance property;
  • Termination of co-ownership;
  • Financing the purchase of assets at auctions;
  • Eviction proceedings.

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