Regulatory and New Business Models

Helping innovative business models to steer their way through the demanding maze of regulations in order to offer their products and services to the market, be it related to:

  • Providing new types of crowdfunding services;
  • Tokenizing assets;
  • Obtaining activity permits to provide modern financial or payment services;
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance of AI-based analytics tools;
  • Offering novel mobility services, such as peer-to-peer ridesharing or delivery services;
  • Raising funds using ICOs or STOs;
  • Creating decentralized & automated governance models for new forms of business ventures;
  • Providing blockchain solutions for intellectual property enforcement and royalty collections etc.

In making sure that the law empowers rather than handicaps the potential of your new business model, we:

  • Understand how the existing laws apply to your services and assess the risks concerning legal compliance;
  • Consult with the regulator or the relevant regulation enforcement agencies;
  • Help to structure the services to mitigate liability;
  • Help to introduce or outsource KYC procedures;
  • Identify relevant licenses or activity permits for providing the service & prepare the license application documentation;
  • Assist with risk assessment & other processes as required by the GDPR;
  • Connect you with potential cooperation partners;
  • Lobby for amending the existing legislation;
  • Go beyond in making sure that the potential of your new business model is not hindered by legal obstacles.

E-sport, Gaming, E-Commerce, Online gambling

We revel in not only understanding the law but your technology and business needs. The more difficult the regulatory challenge, the more our eyes will light up! 💡

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