WEBINAR – Exit Exist @ Latitude59 Masterclass


WEDNESDAY, 26 AUGUST 2020, 17.00 – 19.00 CET (18.00-20.00 EEST),

“Exist Exists” presented by Techstars, The Exit Academy, and Speedinvest is the only Exit focused masterclass series – helping founders, investors, and corporates navigate the M&A process.

Join our exclusive Latitude59 event where startups, investors and acquirers will hear about everything from how to best position portfolio companies for acquisition to how to get acquired by a super-platform.

In between, you’ll hear hints and tips on how to maximize the potential outcomes for everyone, how to avoid losing deals, and more. You’ll have a unique opportunity to network with key players in the M&A world – to start thinking more systematically about the opportunities to buy, sell, or engage with the M&A ecosystem.


17:00 CET – Introduction to Exists Exist & Exit Academy: How to build your exit readiness + showcase of exit-focused funding programs launching Q4 2020 / Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Exit Academy

17:15 CET – How to talk to and get acquired by a super-platform, Debu Purkayastha, M&A@Google (former)

17:45 CET – There is more than one way to exit, Kati Pino, Senior Associate @ Hedman Partners

18:00 CET – How corporates think when investing or acquiring startups? Deborah Magid, Director of Strategy @ IBM Ventures

18:15 CET – Learn from the founders: how every startup can get acquired? Heikki Haldre, Founder @ Fits.me (acquired by Rakuten)

18:30 CET – How investors should help their startups to increase the exits in their portfolio? Eamonn Carey, Managing Director @ Techstars + Daniel Keiper-Knorr, Partner @ Speedinvest

18:45 CET – How to sign up for the Exit Exists future Masterclasses & Techstars

18:50 CET – Exclusive Virtual Networking Tables with Speakers + Experts at Airmeet

19:20 CET – End

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