WEBINAR – Hotly funded sectors – education online with perspectives on why online education is an attractive sector for investment

A webinar presented by the IBA European Regional Forum

The online education sector is currently a hotly funded sector. There is a strong correlation between this topic and what is happening globally with Covid-19. This webinar will look at the funding market from a pan-European perspective.

The speakers will focus on the online education sector (present and future) and discuss why it is currently an attractive sector for investment, analysing this from both the entrepreneur side and the investor side. They will also speak about why the education sector is attracting funding at the moment, interesting players in the education sector, why they are personally interested in funding this sector, their own portfolio and so on.

We have chosen this topic as investors have displayed a keen interest in investing in online education in recent months. We propose to have further webinars on topics such as digital healthcare, online retail, e-commerce, the food and grocery delivery sector, and other booming sectors.

Our managing partner Merlin Seeman will be one of the moderators of this event.

More information and registration – https://www.ibanet.org/Hotly-funded-sectors-webinar.aspx

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