Hedman Partners supports the KüberPuuring competition and KüberKonverents

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s decision-makers, discoverers, and leaders of innovation. It is a great pleasure to take part in an initiative that supports young people’s interest in technology and science and broadens their minds, also shaping the entrepreneurial attitude of tomorrow’s decision-makers.

KüberPuuring is a cyber defense competition that has grown out of the KüberPähkli survey, where the students in 7-12. classes and vocational schools can participate. Every year, new competitors are sent to represent schools across Estonia.

The aim of the competition, created by TalTech, is to find 10,000 new cyber talents for Estonia in 10 years!

On December 8, there will also be a CyberConference (KüberKonverents) on “Legality and Lawlessness” aimed at teachers, parents, children, students, professionals, and everyone else interested.

At 11:45-12: 15, our specialist data privacy counsel Andres Ojaver will speak and talk more about web classes and data protection.

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