Hedman Partners unwinded on Muhu island

The hardworking collective at Hedman Partners decided to set aside the fascinating world of law and technology to head to the beautiful nature of the Muhu island for a day or two. Paraphrasing the classics: the best lawyer is a rested lawyer, thus the ties were unknotted and suits cast aside to enjoy the musical adventures of the JuuJääb festival, practice at the Rene Busch school of tennis and cruise through the sea on the historical Väinemere Skate called „Moonland“. A magnificent view of the nature offered at our place of accommodation – Tihuse horseriding farm – was supplemented by the great gastronomical experiences at the Muhu Winehose.

To get a glimpse of the Muhu nature and our trip, take a look at the above video.

Music: Jalmar Vabarna – Kes ma olen? (Who am I?)

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