Information Technology

FinTech and InsurTech

  • Regulatory assessment for FinTech solutions;
  • Activity licenses for FinTech companies, cross-border activities;
  • Privacy by design for FinTech solutions;
  • Advising in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules;
  • Advising insurance undertakings and insurance distributors (agents and brokers) on regulatory compliance and contractual matters and InsurTech companies in the introduction of new insurance products;
  • Drafting and reviewing insurance agent agreements, insurance terms and conditions, and pre-contractual information, including IPIDs.


  • Immense knowledge of the needs of software development, both SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and on-premise model operators;
  • Advising software houses and developers on a daily basis;
  • Providing software escrow services, including the set-up and drafting the documentation;
  • Knowledgeable about software development working methods and concepts, such as agile development, waterfall, open-source software (OSS), SDK, source codes, and commercial licenses;
  • Terms and Conditions and privacy models for software solutions.


  • Regulatory and compliance assessment for HealTech companies;
  • Activity licenses for medical services;
  • Sensitive personal data maintenance and GDPR documentation;
  • Standard contractual clauses and Terms and Conditions;
  • Data management and Data Protection Officer services.

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