Hedman Partners is your good partner in all tax matters. We have knowledge of the application of tax rules for both companies and individuals, both domestic and international.

Transaction planning

  • Tax planning and tax cost optimization;
  • Tax risk mitigation;
  • Market entry and exit planning;
  • Domestic and cross-border restructuring;
  • Permanent establishment risk management;
  • Fixed establishment risk management;
  • VAT issues;
  • Taxation of natural persons;
  • Tax due diligence.

Documentation of transactions

  • Preparation of instructions for transaction documentation;
  • Transfer pricing documentation;
  • Tax assessment and supplementation of contracts.

Selection of transaction partners

  • Documenting the background of transaction partners;
  • Development of guidelines for hedging risks arising from transaction partners.

Tax liability of a member of the management board

  • Representation in tax liability proceedings;
  • Establishment of a preventive regulation concerning the duty of care of a member of the management board;
  • Preparation, evaluation, and supplementation of documents related to the liability of a member of the management board.

Taxation of crypto assets

  • Transactions with cryptocurrencies;
  • Taxation of tokens;
  • VAT on crypto assets.


  • Internal tax training;
  • How to behave in tax proceedings;
  • VAT training for sales staff;
  • Preparation of the company’s work rules (rules for using a car, organization of missions);
  • Counterparty selection criteria and risk mitigation.

Tax procedures

  • Representation in communication with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board;
  • Registration procedures at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board;
  • Representation in refund claims proceedings;
  • Representation in business activity audit proceedings;
  • Representation in labor tax audit procedures;
  • Representation in corporate tax audit procedures;
  • Compilation and review of evidence submittable to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board;
  • Preventive in-house tax audit.

Tax debts

  • Deferral of tax arrears;
  • Negotiation with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board;
  • The setting of guarantees.

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